About Us

This page should really be titled "About Me"... Me being Nikki Bordignon, the brains (and beauty) behind Hug and Kiss Designs Inc.  Though while it may have started out as a one woman show, I've had some help around the office the past couple of years and I'm proud to have one permanent part-time employee and a couple of seasonal helpers!  So I'm an "us" now.

So how the heck did this little company of mine begin?  Well, Hug and Kiss Designs Inc. started as one of those ideas that I thought would never go anywhere.  I was working in a small shop in Vancouver that sold, among other things, greeting cards.  One afternoon while reading some of the cards I realized something - all the greeting cards were the same – predictable!  Cute on the outside meant cute on the inside and funny on the outside meant funny on the inside.

It occurred to me, it would be really funny to create a surprising greeting card, one that paired sweet cartoon imagery with an unexpected sarcastic remark. Having an education in both journalism and graphic design (plus being naturally sassy), I figured I could try making some cards myself. In the beginning it was really just a creative outlet for me, but after showing friends and family what I had come up with and having them laugh, I realized people might actually pay money for these cards!  So in January 2007 I made it official.  I registered the business name, website, and all the necessary licenses, etc. and I started sourcing out a printer.  Six months later I was in stores around BC!

My sassy, sarcastic, and sinister cards have been keeping me busy ever since.  In fact, back in 2008 I was able to quit that part-time job at the small shop in Vancouver to devote 100% of my time to Hug and Kiss Designs Inc. Now my cards are in over 100 stores across Canada. 

When it comes to our products, we are very proud to say our stuff is 100% made or finished in Canada*! In fact, most of our products are made right in our office with our very own hands! All our cards, magnets, calendars, etc. are written and illustrated by me in my home office. They are then printed/produced/silk-screened/etc. at various locations across the country and sent to us.  When in our hands we finish everything back at our office!  That's right, we crease, cut and fold all the cards, we cut, coil, punch and shrink wrap all the calendars, we assemble and trim all the magnets, etc.etc. Basically, every single one of our products is touched by our dirty booger hands at some point.

When it comes to our office equipment, most of it requires zero electricity to run, which we think is pretty cool.  Sure we listen to music or watch Netflix while working under our overhead lighting, but when it comes to finishing our cards (creasing/cutting/folding/etc.) all our equipment is strictly human-powered!  Its definitely more work than it would take to send them overseas for production, but we want to keep everything made it Canada!!!!  Plus this way I get to keep a very close eye on quality control.  Only the best for my customers! Oh yeah, and when it comes to all that other small business stuff, (shipping and receiving, bookkeeping, and all that other fun stuff), I do that too.  I'm basically the best.  I guess that's why I'm President and CEO.

*Our magnet backings are made in the USA and while our t-shirts were designed and printed in Canada, the actual shirts were made in India.