Ten years ago I had this crazy little idea to create a line of greeting cards that looked sweet and cute on the outside, but were shocking and sarcastic inside.  My taglines had my family in stitches, but I wasn't sure if they were just being nice, or if we all had the same demented sense of humour.  So I started showing friends... same thing, they actually thought the cards were funny!  So, I decided to give things a go.  I registered the company name, website, got a business license, a PST number, etc, etc.  But, it wasn't until May 11, 2007 that I took my first step towards becoming serious about business... I tried to get my cards into stores!  The very first store I tried was PABOOM in Victoria.  When I approached the wonderful lady behind the counter (love you Moira!) I was a little nervous, but the second I told her my line of cards were full of sarcasm and swearing, she wanted to see them!  I showed her my line and she placed an order on the spot!  Man, I walked out of there with the biggest smile ever!  From there everything just kind of happened... Stores were signing on with excitement, I was traveling quite a bit doing shows and meeting customers, online sales were picking up, and now here I am with a decade worth of experience and my cards in nearly 100 stores across Canada!  Anyway, it got me thinking of the movie "Sliding Doors"... what would have happened if Moira at Paboom had turned me away?  Would I have been heartbroken and given up? Would I be living on the streets selling greeting cards for change?  Regardless, I'm sure I'd still be the same smart ass I am today. But thankfully this way I have a roof over my head!  So thank you Paboom!  Happy 10 Year Anniversary!!!

Anyway, back when I started in 2007 I was operating Hug and Kiss Designs out of the corner of the bedroom I shared with my boyfriend.  It was small, but it was all I needed!  I'd sit and cut cards while watching reruns of Roseanne on TV, then I'd jump on the SkyTrain and go to work (yeah, I used to have a real job!).  Now I'm married to that boyfriend, we have a kid, a house, I haven't had a boss in 9 years (unless you count my kid) and I have my own private office that I don't have to share (unless you count the office cats) and I cut cards while watching Netflix.  It's been an amazing 10 years and I hope I get to share decades upon decades more with you folks (in other words, keep buying my cards so I can keep making them!).