Last year our 2016 calendars sold out fast.  The first round sold out in October or something, so we were forced to make more to get us through the holidays!  Even then, that second batch sold out before Christmas!  We had several customers begging us to make more, but they're a lot of work... like a lot... so we didn't do a third batch.  Now here we are in the final stages of designing our 2017 calendar and we're planning ahead on how many we should make!  As we have in previous years, we're offering special pricing on all pre-orders!  Not only do you save 25%, but you guarantee yourself a copy before they sell out!

Place your order today and the first batch is aiming to ship October 1st (or sooner).

WHOLESALERS - If you haven't already, check your inbox! We have an important message for you in regards to Christmas orders (which we'd love to get from you SOON!)