2018 Calendar Pre-Orders


Our calendars will be off to the printers soon! Wahoo!!!  I'll tell you, as much as I absolutely love our calendars, they are a fucking pain in the ass to make!  Getting all the dates correct, adding in the holidays, writing captions, coming up with comic strips... It's a lot of work.  And that's just the design side!  Once the calendars are designed and proofread (a couple of times, by a couple of people), they are sent to the printers.  Then we get them, cut them to size, punch the holes for the coil, twirl the coil through, punch the hole for hanging, and then we shrink wrap each one!  It's rewarding, but difficult. Very difficult.

So why am I going on and on about the calendars?!  Well, since they are such a pain in the ass to make, we only make a limited supply.  And we want to make sure you folks that really want one, get one... so we're having our pre-order sale.  Until the end of August our calendars are a special pre-order price of $15.00 (normally $20).  Once those babies are hot off the press (then cut/bound/wrapped/etc) we'll start shipping them out.  Meaning you can have one in your dirty little hands by mid-September - early-October. (Did someone say early Christmas shopping?)

Anyway, they're up, so shop away!