And the winner is...


Oh man, the past three weeks have been a whirlwind!  For years now I've wanted to hold a contest where the winner gets something big... well, big enough for people to get excited about, but not big enough to put me out of business.  Anyways, I finally settled on a year's supply of my cards!  I launched the contest 3 weeks ago and everyday I've been so excited about the people that have put in the time and effort (and money) to enter.  And for those of you that entered everyday - thank you!  Your support and enthusiasm did not go unnoticed!

Anyways, a name was randomly chosen just a few minutes ago and we're so excited to announce Chantelle Matthews as our wonderful (well, I'm assuming she's wonderful based on the fact that she entered the contest) winner!  Wahoo!  Congratulations Chantelle.