I hope you're all doing well and enjoying the first few days of spring!

How am I?  Well, I'm glad you asked... life has been a little tricky for me lately.  Long story short, I was sick for a few weeks (bronchitis) and then 2 weeks ago I coughed so hard I broke a rib!  No, I'm not an 92-year-old woman with osteoporosis, I'm just a really powerful cougher. (I know cougher isn't a word, but you get what I mean.)

ANYWAYS, it goes without saying that I haven't been able to work much lately despite having to get ready for the upcoming One of a Kind Show in Toronto!  The Toronto show is the only one in our calendar this spring (sorry Edmonton and Vancouver, we will NOT be at Make It this year).  For those of you folks in Ontario, we're giving away 4 free pairs of tickets to the One of a Kind Show over on our Instagram account.  Just like us, like the post, and tag a friend you'd bring.  Easy.  The show lands on the Easter Long weekend, so chances are you'll have at least one day off that you can attend... right?!?

For you Wholesale accounts out there - I emailed you about it today, but just as a reminder.... ORDER YOUR MOTHER'S DAY CARDS BEFORE APRIL 1ST!!!!!   For you wonderful customers that aren't ordering for a brick and mortar shop (ie. you are not wholesale accounts), no worries.  You have PLENTY of time to get your Mother's Day card orders in! 

Okay, that's it.  I'm going to get back to the slow and painful process of cutting cards.

Happy Goof Off Day!