Calendars + Christmas + Snail Mail


Lately I've been trying to practice what I preach and sending more snail mail!  It seems to be mostly belated birthday cards (ya know, after I read about someone's birthday on Facebook and go, "Oh shit.  It's their birthday."  Then I trek downstairs to my office, write out a card, and pop it in the mail.  Anyways, now that I have POSTCARDS I'm extra excited to sit down and write out some good old fashion snail mail!  So, if I happen to have your address you just might wanna keep an eye on your mailbox!

(FYI - Coffee Day is this month, so you should probably stock up on Coffee Day Postcards like right now.  Now.  Just do it.

In other news, it looks like I've already sold half of the calendars that I planned to make this year.  So if you're at all considering buying one, you might wanna act fast!  Though if you're in Vancouver or Toronto, please note that I will be heading your way for the One of a Kind Show in Toronto (but just the last six days) or for Vancouver I'll be back at Make It in December and I'm setting stock aside for both shows.  But for those of you outside Toronto or Vancouver, you might have to order online unless a store near you stocks our shit!  Not sure if the store has our calendars?  Message me and I'll let you know! (Or get off your butt and go check the store!)

Finally, for all of you that wholesale our cards - Please get your Christmas card orders in as soon as possible (ie. before the end of the month... ideally).