Card of the Week


We've decided to do a new thing here at Hug and Kiss - we're going to have a "Card of the Week"!  Each week we'll select a card, tell you a little bit about how it was made, then we'll mark it down to just $2.00!  Sounds pretty great right?  We think so, so let's get this shit started! Our very first "Card of the Week" is one of our "Friendship" cards (though it can be given for any number of occasions)...  

X-FR-012 "VAGINA POWER"  (click here to buy!)
FRONT: Have you heard the news?
INSIDE: My vagina is awesome.

I don't really remember how I came up with the idea for this card, but I do know it sat around for quite awhile before I finally decided to use it.  Actually, it almost didn't make the cut, which is funny now seeing how it's definitely one of our top sellers!  I remember debuting this card at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto several years ago.  I was hesitant to put it out on display, but after selling out of one of my other cards I needed something to put in it's place.  I chose this one and to my surprise (honestly, I was shocked!) it started selling right away!  So who buys this card and what for?  Well, as I'm sure you can guess it's primarily women that buy this one.  One woman bought several to send out to her friends letting them know that her lady-parts were okay after a cancer scare and another lady bought a couple to hand out to her "suitors"... just to let them know how awesome her vagina is. I think this card mostly goes to women to give their partners on anniversaries and what-not.  Either way, it sells like crazy and we're still surprised by it.  So buy one (or several) and let the world know that your vagina is awesome!