Card of the Week - Father's Day!


Yikes, it's already June.  I hope you remembered to flip over that calendar page!  I did and it's so nice seeing a Motherfuckin' Pimp up on my wall (Don't know what I'm talking about?  You should be ashamed of yourself.)

Anyway, it's not only June first, it's MONDAY which means it's time for a new "Card of the Week."  I almost forgot about it this week, but thankfully I remembered just before laying down for a nice little nap.  (Working for yourself has wonderful perks like naptime.)


In honour of Father's Day, which is coming up on June 21st, I decided to choose one of my favourite Father's Day cards as the "Card of the Week"!  This particular card I wrote for my dad.  Growing up we spent a lot of time in the car heading to movies and restaurants and theme parks and  stuff (yeah, we did cool stuff all the time!) and more often than not my dad would let one rip in the car (yeah, he'd fart) and to make things worse, he'd roll up the windows and blame one of us kids.  Taking the heat for one of dad's farts was the worst.  We'd shout "whoever smelt it, dealt it" and "whoever denied it, supplied it" at one another while holding our shirts up over our noses.  Meanwhile dad would be upfront driving, laughing his head off.  That's when I learned, when you fart you blame it on someone else!  And that's why I had a kid of my own.

For this week only you can buy this Father's Day card for just $2.00!  Add a few other cards to that order to make it add up to $15 and we'll throw in a free 2015 calendar (it's still good for 6 more months!). Make it up to $25 and we'll throw in a free 2015 calendar AND ship everything for FREE!