Christmas Shows are coming!  I wrapped up the Fan Expo Vancouver just over a week ago and next up is Toronto's One of a Kind Show!  I haven't been at this show since 2013 (well, actually I was at home with a newborn, so I had people do the show for me), so it's really exciting to be going back!  If you're in the area, please note that we are only exhibiting for the LAST 6 DAYS!  So don't go within the first five days expecting me to be there.  I'll be at home. In BC. Watching it rain. For those of you in the Vancouver area, once I get home from Toronto I'll be heading to Make It at the PNE Forum!  Let's hope we don't have that crazy snow storm we did last year.  That sucked.

So, to summarize:
One of a Kind Show, Toronto November 28-December 3.
Make It, Vancouver December 7-10.

For all of you that plan on ordering online before Christmas, quick note - while I'm in Toronto (November 27-December 4), products will not be shipping out!  You can certainly still order, but your order just won't be sent until December 5th.  It's really not that big of a deal, it just means you'll have to wait an extra few days for your order.

FINALLY, for those of you wanting free tickets to the One of a Kind Show, check out my Instagram page for a contest tomorrow (Wednesday).