Coasters Are Coming


Interested in coasters? We're getting some made REAL soon, so we have a bunch of our designs available for pre-orders!  Until October 15th you can choose from over 60 different designs and we'll ship around the end of October!!!  There are our usual sassy, sarcastic, vulgar "Go Fuck Yourself" type designs, plus our Fan Art Coasters with some of the top characters from our favourite TV Shows!  Like "The Walking Dead"!!!!  My god, we love that show!  Anyway, if your living room is in need of a Daryl or Tara or Morgan coaster (or any of the other main characters)... order now!  Or perhaps you'd prefer a Heisenberg (Breaking Bad) or a Matt Murdoch (Daredevil) or a Jon Snow (Game of Thrones)?!?  Check them out!

When they go into production after the October 15th deadline we'll only be choosing a few of our designs and making limited quantities, so if you're at all interested, we strongly suggest ordering before the 15th so you guarantee to get the design and quantity you desire.

All the coasters are 3.75" x 3.75" x 0.125" (that's thin) and feature one of our designs printed on plastic resin with a cork backing.  They're also extremely durable and flexible and they look really friggin cute!


PS- they'll make great gifts for friends!  Think ahead to Christmas people... it's really not all that far way!