Greeting Card Mystery Bags


A few things to say today!....

First off, we're introducing our Greeting Card Mystery Bags!  Each bag includes a random mix of 12 of our (amazing and hilarious) greeting cards and 12 plain white envelopes for $30 (that's just $2.50/card)!  The contents will differ from one bag to a next and none of the bags will have repeats!  Though rest assured, we're not jerks (well, we kind of are)... so we won't be filling a bag with 12 Retirement cards (or something equally silly).  An example of what might be inside a Mystery Bag is something like: 4 Birthday Cards, 1 Wedding card, 1 Congratulations card, 1 New Home card, 1 Love card, 2 New Baby, 1 Thank You card and 1 Retirement card. Whatever you get, they'll be awesome and you'll be happy.

Second thing... while you're here, just a friendly reminder that Father's Day is only 3 and a half weeks away!  You might wanna check out our Father's Day cards and buy one today so your poor old dad knows that you love him... or at least tolerate him.

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