It's Almost Valentine's Day


It's almost Valentine's Day and if you haven't already ordered your Hug and Kiss Valentine's Day or Love cards, you're running out of time!  All orders should be placed today in order for them to be shipped and received in time for the big day.  (It's February 14th, FYI).


We have lots of Valentine's Day cards to choose from, and you can also browse our "Love" and "Thinking of You" pages for the perfect card.  Or if you're loved one is out of town, perhaps the "Missing You" page!  Our cards are perfect for those of you that don't really truly care about Valentine's Day... I mean, cards about hookers and masturbation... that's true Valentine's Day sentiment, right?  Heck, even if you are a true romantic and you love celebrating Valentine's Day, who says you can't do so with a little humour?!  Swearing is fucking hilarious and super sexy and romantic.