Make It Vancouver


Yo dudes.  So in 1-weeks time we're gonna be busy setting up our booth at the Make It Show in Vancouver!  You'd be surprised at how much work goes into selling greeting cards  (it's more display than products!), but it's a hell of a lot easier doing a local show than it is traveling across Canada! 

Anyway, if you're in and around the Vancouver area next weekend (that's April 22, 23, 24th) then you should make an effort to stop by the PNE Forum for the Make It Show.  It's only $5 at the door [or $4 if you show them this flyer (on or phone or printed!)]  If you plan on going with a few buddies, you can buy your tickets ahead of time right from the Make It Show website and save up to 40% off! ($3/person with 3 or more people).  Now that's just smart planning.

And while you're at it, make note of where you can find us...