Mystery Magnet Bags

Finally, our Mystery Magnet Bags are here!  A lovely customer in Toronto requested these awhile back and I was like, "Holy shit, that's a great idea!" and so I've put some together.  Each bag contains a total of 8 magnets for just $15.00 (that's one heck of a deal, huh?) and there are no repeats per bag!  And don't worry, we didn't just fill them with rejects, they contain top sellers AND rejects! Want to know what magnets you might find in your bag?  Check them all out here (there are over 100 different ones!)

There's also an option for a Mystery Magnet Bag of strictly Walking Dead characters!  That series of magnets has 25 different characters so far (see them here) and like the other bag, this one contains 8 magnets for $15.00.   You'll get characters from the past, present or future of the show (just kidding, there are no future characters. I'm not a fucking mind reader... though I have read the graphic novels!).