Last summer I went camping with my family and it inspired this comic strip....  Yeah... that trip wasn't the best.  Though, I admit I took a few creative liberties with the bit about the rain.  I went camping with my family again just the other day and, well, let me just say that I'm sure one day I'll be creating another comic strip about camping trips.

ANYWAYS, now that I'm back at the office I'm busy working on my 2018 calendars, which will be available for pre-order sometime this month.  I'm not going to lie, calendars are a pain in the ass to design and produce, but I do it because I know there are a bunch of you that NEED to have one every year (I know because I've been told this by several of you)... So be sure to keep checking back, because once they sell out, they are gone and I don't want a bunch of emails asking me if I'm going to make more. Because I won't make more.  I just won't.  (Okay, I'm in a bit of a grumpy mood writing this because my feet are covered in bug bites and they are itchy motherfuckers!!!)