Summer Weddings and Babies...


Today is Fried Chicken Day AND it's World Kissing Day.  Sure, these weird little holidays might be silly, but they are a fun excuse to pick up a bucket of fried chicken for dinner and make-out with your lover.  If you'd like to know when the best of the wacky holidays are happening, you can follow us on social media (instagram, facebook, twitter) or you can plan to purchase one of our wall calendars when they come out in the fall. (This particular comic strip came from July of our 2018 calendar).  We also sell Postcards to mark a few of our favourite weird holidays.  Like Ice Cream Day, which is coming up real soon!

And now that you're done thinking about how you must purchase one of our calendars and a bunch of our Postcards, you can start to think ahead to all the weddings that are happening this summer and all the pregnant ladies that you'll need to buy baby cards and gifts for.  We got you covered with New Baby and Wedding Cards.  Plus, of course, Birthday, Graduation and New Home cards.