The Walking Dead ... Who's it Gonna Be?


Fan of The Walking Dead? Around this office we're huuuuuuggggeee fans and we're so excited for the show to come back this month! So we decided to have a little contest! Make your guess on who Negan will introduce to Lucille and you could win a set of our magnets! (retail value of over $70!)

Like any one of our social media pages (icons are at the bottom of this page) and make your guess on our page by the 15th and we'll pick a winner at random on the 18th... Don't worry if you don't guess correctly, all guesses will count. (Though obviously you'll look so much cooler if you guess correctly.)

Of course you could also buy yourself our Walking Dead magnets here... We've done 24 of our favourite characters with more to come! While you're here, you might want to check out our coaster designs too.  We're offering up over 60 different designs right now, but once the 15th hits we'll be narrowing the choice down to just a few!  So if you'd like to pre-order, do it now and you'll have a wider selection of choices.  I know I can't wait to get myself a few Walking Dead coasters!

Also, a Happy Thanksgiving to you!