2018 Calendar Pre-Orders


Our calendars will be off to the printers soon! Wahoo!!!  I'll tell you, as much as I absolutely love our calendars, they are a fucking pain in the ass to make!  Getting all the dates correct, adding in the holidays, writing captions, coming up with comic strips... It's a lot of work.  And that's just the design side!  Once the calendars are designed and proofread (a couple of times, by a couple of people), they are sent to the printers.  Then we get them, cut them to size, punch the holes for the coil, twirl the coil through, punch the hole for hanging, and then we shrink wrap each one!  It's rewarding, but difficult. Very difficult.

So why am I going on and on about the calendars?!  Well, since they are such a pain in the ass to make, we only make a limited supply.  And we want to make sure you folks that really want one, get one... so we're having our pre-order sale.  Until the end of August our calendars are a special pre-order price of $15.00 (normally $20).  Once those babies are hot off the press (then cut/bound/wrapped/etc) we'll start shipping them out.  Meaning you can have one in your dirty little hands by mid-September - early-October. (Did someone say early Christmas shopping?)

Anyway, they're up, so shop away!



Last summer I went camping with my family and it inspired this comic strip....  Yeah... that trip wasn't the best.  Though, I admit I took a few creative liberties with the bit about the rain.  I went camping with my family again just the other day and, well, let me just say that I'm sure one day I'll be creating another comic strip about camping trips.

ANYWAYS, now that I'm back at the office I'm busy working on my 2018 calendars, which will be available for pre-order sometime this month.  I'm not going to lie, calendars are a pain in the ass to design and produce, but I do it because I know there are a bunch of you that NEED to have one every year (I know because I've been told this by several of you)... So be sure to keep checking back, because once they sell out, they are gone and I don't want a bunch of emails asking me if I'm going to make more. Because I won't make more.  I just won't.  (Okay, I'm in a bit of a grumpy mood writing this because my feet are covered in bug bites and they are itchy motherfuckers!!!)


Christmas In July


Christmas is an insanely busy time for us.  It gets quite stressful handling all the Christmas orders, Christmas craft shows, Christmas cards for stores, and of course Christmas shopping for our families.... so to help alleviate some of that stress, we've decided to have a CHRISTMAS IN JULY SALE!  We've done this a few times over our 10 years in business and it's always a huge success!  So, for one week (starting today) you can stock up on Christmas and Hanuakkah cards at an amazing deal!  There's no coupon code needed, all the cards are already marked down 40% (not including box sets).

For you wholesale accounts, apologies, but this deal doesn't apply to you.  But, if you haven't already ordered your Christmas cards you might want to start thinking about it!

Oh, and for you folks in Toronto -  We're going to be back at the One of Kind Christmas Show this year! Wahoo!  So if you don't want to pick up your Christmas cards from us now, you can certainly wait and do it in person.  We'll be in town for the final 6-days of the show!

Cards, Cards, Cards


Hey, so you need some cards?  Well, you came to the right place!  Did you know that we have an assorted selection of box sets?!  If you don't have time to read through our hundreds (yes, hundreds) of different cards, just check out some of our top-sellers conveniently packaged in a box just for you!  OR, gamble the dice and choose one of our mystery bags!  Oh lala.


New Home in Edmonton


For those of you in Edmonton, I'm thrilled to announce that we've found a great new home on Whyte Ave!  You can find a great selection of our cards at When Pigs Fly!

For eight years we had a wonderful spot at Chicken Scratch and we were so upset when they closed up shop last year.  BUT, the good news is we're already a hit at When Pigs Fly and we're so happy to be working with another amazing shop on such a great street!  So be sure to stop in and stock up on the best cards EVER (by which I mean ours of course!)

Also, Father's Day is this month and you should get your dad a card.

Greeting Card Mystery Bags


A few things to say today!....

First off, we're introducing our Greeting Card Mystery Bags!  Each bag includes a random mix of 12 of our (amazing and hilarious) greeting cards and 12 plain white envelopes for $30 (that's just $2.50/card)!  The contents will differ from one bag to a next and none of the bags will have repeats!  Though rest assured, we're not jerks (well, we kind of are)... so we won't be filling a bag with 12 Retirement cards (or something equally silly).  An example of what might be inside a Mystery Bag is something like: 4 Birthday Cards, 1 Wedding card, 1 Congratulations card, 1 New Home card, 1 Love card, 2 New Baby, 1 Thank You card and 1 Retirement card. Whatever you get, they'll be awesome and you'll be happy.

Second thing... while you're here, just a friendly reminder that Father's Day is only 3 and a half weeks away!  You might wanna check out our Father's Day cards and buy one today so your poor old dad knows that you love him... or at least tolerate him.

Lastly, if you're on not on our e-mail list, then you're missing out!  We send info about secret sales and such... so sign up below! (Where it says "Newsletter Sign up").




Ten years ago I had this crazy little idea to create a line of greeting cards that looked sweet and cute on the outside, but were shocking and sarcastic inside.  My taglines had my family in stitches, but I wasn't sure if they were just being nice, or if we all had the same demented sense of humour.  So I started showing friends... same thing, they actually thought the cards were funny!  So, I decided to give things a go.  I registered the company name, website, got a business license, a PST number, etc, etc.  But, it wasn't until May 11, 2007 that I took my first step towards becoming serious about business... I tried to get my cards into stores!  The very first store I tried was PABOOM in Victoria.  When I approached the wonderful lady behind the counter (love you Moira!) I was a little nervous, but the second I told her my line of cards were full of sarcasm and swearing, she wanted to see them!  I showed her my line and she placed an order on the spot!  Man, I walked out of there with the biggest smile ever!  From there everything just kind of happened... Stores were signing on with excitement, I was traveling quite a bit doing shows and meeting customers, online sales were picking up, and now here I am with a decade worth of experience and my cards in nearly 100 stores across Canada!  Anyway, it got me thinking of the movie "Sliding Doors"... what would have happened if Moira at Paboom had turned me away?  Would I have been heartbroken and given up? Would I be living on the streets selling greeting cards for change?  Regardless, I'm sure I'd still be the same smart ass I am today. But thankfully this way I have a roof over my head!  So thank you Paboom!  Happy 10 Year Anniversary!!!

Anyway, back when I started in 2007 I was operating Hug and Kiss Designs out of the corner of the bedroom I shared with my boyfriend.  It was small, but it was all I needed!  I'd sit and cut cards while watching reruns of Roseanne on TV, then I'd jump on the SkyTrain and go to work (yeah, I used to have a real job!).  Now I'm married to that boyfriend, we have a kid, a house, I haven't had a boss in 9 years (unless you count my kid) and I have my own private office that I don't have to share (unless you count the office cats) and I cut cards while watching Netflix.  It's been an amazing 10 years and I hope I get to share decades upon decades more with you folks (in other words, keep buying my cards so I can keep making them!).



If you're here to order a Mother's Day card for your mom, wife, mother-in-law or mother-type-figure, I should warn you that you've past our shipping deadline.... well, sort of!  We're based out of BC and if you are too (or if you're in AB or SK) then chances are we can still process and mail your order in time for you to pass it along to your mom.  For the rest of you, you can certainly order whatever cards you'd like and we'll ship them as soon as we can (usually 1-2 days), but chances are they won't arrive to you in time for Mother's Day (which is Sunday, May 14th).  Anyway, you can't say we didn't warn you.

Now for other news, I've been spending a few hours here and there doing some spring cleaning around the office and it lead to a CLEARANCE section on the site!  The items listed on there aren't defective or ugly or awful in anyway... they just happen to be taken up more space than they are worth!  So we want to clear them out!  We have a few discontinued cards that we'll likely be adding in the weeks to come, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, pick up a shirt for $10!