Valentine's Day is just 4 weeks away!  If you're lucky enough to have a Valentine to call your own (or to share politely), you should check out our sweet selection of Valentine's Day cards.  We also have a large selection of Love cards!  If you're shipping address is here in Canada, we recommend ordering by February 5th to allow ample time for processing and shipping.  International orders should be placed by February 1st.

Now get to it!

Last Day of the Year


Here we are, the last day of 2017!!!  The past 12 months were pretty good for Hug and Kiss Designs.  I hit a major milestone in January, when my cute little stationery company officially turned a decade old!  Can you believe it?!?  Back when I started Hug and Kiss Designs, swearing in greeting cards wasn't really a thing. Hell, swearing on merchandise of any sort wasn't really a thing.  At least not like it is now.  Now it's everywhere!!!  Companies are swearing on tea towels and coffee mugs and embroidered wall hangings.... It's really fucking cool!  So thanks to all of you that have supported my vulgar sense of humour over the years!

This year was also great because after being absent from the One of a Kind Christmas Show in Toronto for a couple of years, I finally got my butt back there to a very warm and friendly welcome (thanks for that Toronto!).  The show is so wonderful and it pained me not being able to attend for 4 years (I had a kid and kids are a lot of work, which is why I was away).  But don't worry Toronto, I'm going to be back on a regular basis now that my daughter is old enough to drive herself to school (she's a very gifted 4-year-old).

And now I'm gearing up for a very exciting 2018!  As of yesterday I uploaded a buttload of new cards (including lots of new Love and Valentine's Day) and my retailers are already jumping on board and restocking their card walls after the busy Christmas season.  So check to see if we have a retailer near you... (if we don't and you have one to recommend, contact us!)  (Or if we do have a store near you and their Hug and Kiss selection sucks, tell them to order more!)



Christmas Shipping Is Done


Hi friends!


Any and all orders placed from now until Christmas will still be processed and shipped, but we are past the Canada Post deadline for shipping and you are highly unlikely to receive your packages in time for the holiday season.  So unless you celebrate Christmas in January, I wouldn't recommend ordering Christmas cards anymore.

In other news... I want to send a HUGE thank you to all you wonderful folks that stopped by to see me at either the One of a Kind Show in Toronto or the Make It Show in Vancouver!  It's always such a thrill to set up shop for a few days and see the shock, enjoyment and (sometimes) horror on people's face when they read my cards.  I hadn't been to the OOAK Christmas show since 2012 (my company was there in 2013, but I wasn't personally) and I was welcomed back with open arms!  And it was so nice to catch up with some long-time customers and meet so many new ones!  For you folks in Vancouver - holy cow!  What a show! Thanks for coming out and supporting the awesome talent that makes up the Make It Show! 



Christmas Shows are coming!  I wrapped up the Fan Expo Vancouver just over a week ago and next up is Toronto's One of a Kind Show!  I haven't been at this show since 2013 (well, actually I was at home with a newborn, so I had people do the show for me), so it's really exciting to be going back!  If you're in the area, please note that we are only exhibiting for the LAST 6 DAYS!  So don't go within the first five days expecting me to be there.  I'll be at home. In BC. Watching it rain. For those of you in the Vancouver area, once I get home from Toronto I'll be heading to Make It at the PNE Forum!  Let's hope we don't have that crazy snow storm we did last year.  That sucked.

So, to summarize:
One of a Kind Show, Toronto November 28-December 3.
Make It, Vancouver December 7-10.

For all of you that plan on ordering online before Christmas, quick note - while I'm in Toronto (November 27-December 4), products will not be shipping out!  You can certainly still order, but your order just won't be sent until December 5th.  It's really not that big of a deal, it just means you'll have to wait an extra few days for your order.

FINALLY, for those of you wanting free tickets to the One of a Kind Show, check out my Instagram page for a contest tomorrow (Wednesday).

Show Season


Halloween hasn't even happened, but we're in total Christmas-mode over here.  Have been for months, really!  If you're thinking about buying some Christmas cards, we're happy to help!  Now is a good time too, because we have everything in stock! You can always buy from us right here, or check out our awesome list of retailers here or come see us at one of our events!  This year we're only doing shows in Vancouver and Toronto, so sorry to you folks in Edmonton (and elsewhere).

Calendars + Christmas + Snail Mail


Lately I've been trying to practice what I preach and sending more snail mail!  It seems to be mostly belated birthday cards (ya know, after I read about someone's birthday on Facebook and go, "Oh shit.  It's their birthday."  Then I trek downstairs to my office, write out a card, and pop it in the mail.  Anyways, now that I have POSTCARDS I'm extra excited to sit down and write out some good old fashion snail mail!  So, if I happen to have your address you just might wanna keep an eye on your mailbox!

(FYI - Coffee Day is this month, so you should probably stock up on Coffee Day Postcards like right now.  Now.  Just do it.

In other news, it looks like I've already sold half of the calendars that I planned to make this year.  So if you're at all considering buying one, you might wanna act fast!  Though if you're in Vancouver or Toronto, please note that I will be heading your way for the One of a Kind Show in Toronto (but just the last six days) or for Vancouver I'll be back at Make It in December and I'm setting stock aside for both shows.  But for those of you outside Toronto or Vancouver, you might have to order online unless a store near you stocks our shit!  Not sure if the store has our calendars?  Message me and I'll let you know! (Or get off your butt and go check the store!)

Finally, for all of you that wholesale our cards - Please get your Christmas card orders in as soon as possible (ie. before the end of the month... ideally).


Postcards Are Here


A couple of weeks ago I had this great idea to make postcards!  In no time at all I had 15 designs ready and sent to the printer!  They're here now and ready for you to mail to your friends. Or keep.  Or whatever.  Each card celebrates one of those funny little holidays you hear about on the radio... or read about on Facebook.  You know the ones, Coffee Day, etc.  Buy individually or pick up the whole set!

2018 Calendar Pre-Orders


Our calendars will be off to the printers soon! Wahoo!!!  I'll tell you, as much as I absolutely love our calendars, they are a fucking pain in the ass to make!  Getting all the dates correct, adding in the holidays, writing captions, coming up with comic strips... It's a lot of work.  And that's just the design side!  Once the calendars are designed and proofread (a couple of times, by a couple of people), they are sent to the printers.  Then we get them, cut them to size, punch the holes for the coil, twirl the coil through, punch the hole for hanging, and then we shrink wrap each one!  It's rewarding, but difficult. Very difficult.

So why am I going on and on about the calendars?!  Well, since they are such a pain in the ass to make, we only make a limited supply.  And we want to make sure you folks that really want one, get one... so we're having our pre-order sale.  Until the end of August our calendars are a special pre-order price of $15.00 (normally $20).  Once those babies are hot off the press (then cut/bound/wrapped/etc) we'll start shipping them out.  Meaning you can have one in your dirty little hands by mid-September - early-October. (Did someone say early Christmas shopping?)

Anyway, they're up, so shop away!



Last summer I went camping with my family and it inspired this comic strip....  Yeah... that trip wasn't the best.  Though, I admit I took a few creative liberties with the bit about the rain.  I went camping with my family again just the other day and, well, let me just say that I'm sure one day I'll be creating another comic strip about camping trips.

ANYWAYS, now that I'm back at the office I'm busy working on my 2018 calendars, which will be available for pre-order sometime this month.  I'm not going to lie, calendars are a pain in the ass to design and produce, but I do it because I know there are a bunch of you that NEED to have one every year (I know because I've been told this by several of you)... So be sure to keep checking back, because once they sell out, they are gone and I don't want a bunch of emails asking me if I'm going to make more. Because I won't make more.  I just won't.  (Okay, I'm in a bit of a grumpy mood writing this because my feet are covered in bug bites and they are itchy motherfuckers!!!)


Christmas In July


Christmas is an insanely busy time for us.  It gets quite stressful handling all the Christmas orders, Christmas craft shows, Christmas cards for stores, and of course Christmas shopping for our families.... so to help alleviate some of that stress, we've decided to have a CHRISTMAS IN JULY SALE!  We've done this a few times over our 10 years in business and it's always a huge success!  So, for one week (starting today) you can stock up on Christmas and Hanuakkah cards at an amazing deal!  There's no coupon code needed, all the cards are already marked down 40% (not including box sets).

For you wholesale accounts, apologies, but this deal doesn't apply to you.  But, if you haven't already ordered your Christmas cards you might want to start thinking about it!

Oh, and for you folks in Toronto -  We're going to be back at the One of Kind Christmas Show this year! Wahoo!  So if you don't want to pick up your Christmas cards from us now, you can certainly wait and do it in person.  We'll be in town for the final 6-days of the show!