Steak and a Blowjob Day


Hey fellas, did you spoil your partner last month on Valentine's Day? Perhaps it's time to subtly remind them that today is Steak and a Blowjob Day! It falls every year on March 14th... Exactly one month after Valentine's Day, how about that?!  And if they don't believe you, show them this post... We're a stationery company, we wouldn't make up a holiday for crying out loud!

Today is also Pi Day (as in 3.14159) and whenever I think about Pi I can't help but sing this little diddy...


Make It Edmonton


Hey friends,

For those of you in Edmonton, mark your calendars because next month we're making our return to your area!  That's right, The Make It Show is back with its spring edition and we're super excited to be part of it!  It's at the Edmonton Expo Centre on March 24-26th and it's going to be awwwweeeesome!

For you Vancouverites, don't worry Make It has a spring version for you folks as well!  That'll be April 21-23rd at the PNE Forum.


Valentines Day


Apologies for any of you that are/were waiting on orders or return emails.  Things have been a little crazy around here as Mother Nature dumped nearly 90 centimeters of snow on my little town, followed by a storm that brought wind and freezing rain...  But, the power is back on, the icicles have fallen and the snow is slowly turning to slush.  So we're back to our normal work schedule.

So, Valentine's Day is just 4 short days away and if you haven't already purchased your Hug and Kiss Designs Valentine's Day card from us, I'm sad to say you've missed that boat!  Though, luckily there are several retailers out there that stock their shelves with our cards, so you'll have to check in with them!

But before we celebrate Valentine's Day, we get to celebrate the return of The Walking Dead!  We're huge fans around this office, so the return of the show after a mid-season break is WAY more exciting than Valentine's Day!  Have you seen our Walking Dead Fan Art?



We decided to make a few changes to our current sale!  The discount is still the same (20% off everything), but now you have to spend less to get more free stuff!  Just check out our list below!


$30 - 2 Magnets
$60 - Calendar + Magnets
$100 - Notebook + Calendar + Magnets
$160 - Shirt + Notebook + Calendar + Magnets
$200 - Lots + Lots + Lots of Stuff
$300 - So Much You Won't Even Believe It



This is so exciting! We're turning 10-years-old this month (the 25th for those of you that truly care) and we want to thank all of our wonderful customers for helping us reach a decade by having a special sale!  Well, it's not just a sale, we're giving free shit away with purchase!!!  (And, of course, when I say shit I mean super awesome products.)  So starting now until the end of the month all our products are 20% off!  All you have to do is use the coupon code "blowme" at checkout and the discount is applied.  PLUS depending on how much money you spend (before tax and shipping) we'll be sending you FREE products!


$25 - 2 Magnets
$50 - 4 Magnets + Button Pack
$100 - Calendar + Notebook
$150 - Calendar + Shirt
$200 - Calendar + Shirt + Notebook
$300 - Lots + Lots + Lots of Stuff

The free products we send are at our discretion, but if you have any special requests (ex. You're eligible for a free shirt and want a size medium) just email within 12 hours of your order and we'll do our best to accommodate.  Oh, and all the free stuff is while supplies last! (But don't worry too much, we have a lot stock!)

Alright, that about sums it up.  Happy shopping and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!!!



This month we're so excited to turn TEN YEARS OLD!  Can you believe it? Somehow people have enjoyed our sense of humour long enough for us to last an entire decade!

We have a bunch of deals in store for this month and first up we've decided to celebrate our wholesale accounts (with an awesome offer)... So if you are the owner or buyer for one of our retailers, please check your email (a note was sent this morning) or contact us for details!

For the rest of you folks (ie. non-wholesale customers), stay tuned because the deals for you start after January 18th!

So, at the risk of sounding totally mushy and lovey, if you're reading this we fucking love you!

So Long 2016...

Hey friends.  Who's ready to say so long to 2016?  It's been a rough one for so many reasons for so many people... so I think we're safe in saying good fucking riddance!  Here's to an amazing 2017!!!

I know we're a little early in saying this (well, I suppose that depends on when you're reading this), but HAPPY FUCKING NEW YEAR!

**OH, and for you folks with wholesale accounts... remember that card we sent you for Christmas with the little special note inside?  Well, it's working early - so order big my friends.  Order BIG!**

Make It Vancouver


Right now we're in Vancouver for the Make It Show at the PNE Forum.... If you live in the vicinity (by which I mean the Vancouver/Fraser Valley area) and you've never been you should honestly drop your weekend plans to come check it out! Yeah, sure we're there and we're fucking awesome, but there are so many other amazingly talented artists making jewelry and pottery and baby clothes and wall decals and bodycare products and food... It's incredible.  Anyway, when we set up our booth at shows, it looks like the picture above... Every now and then people ask? "What's behind the curtain?" Sure, we keep extra cards back there, but primarily it's where we keep our collection of x-rated VHS tapes (for sales or rentals) and where we operate our illegal grow-op. There's also a special section for farting and nose-picking. Must be 18+ to enter. So there, now you know.