Shipping Deadlines



Well, it's that time of year where people start to get serious about Christmas shopping.  If you're here to pick up some Christmas cards or other items for holiday shopping, please make note of our shipping deadlines.  Of course we'll still ship any orders placed after these deadlines, we just can't guarantee a timely arrival.  Though chances are, if you're living in Canada and just ordering

Eastern Canada/Maritimes - December 5
Western Canada - December 7
BC - December 10

USA/ International
December 2


Make It Edmonton


This morning I returned home from a trip to Edmonton for the Make It Show!  It's been about 5-6 years since my last trip to Edmonton and it was so nice to be back!  The amount of love and laughter made my cold heart just a few degrees warmer - so thank you!  Hopefully come Spring all you wonderful folks will be able to visit us again and buy more of our stuff!

In other news, for those of you that have placed online orders in the last 5 days, your orders will be mailed first thing tomorrow (Tuesday) morning!



Hello Edmonton


Curious about our plans for this holiday season?...

Sadly we aren't able to be in more than one place at a time (until my clone arrives), so we're only going to be at 2 shows this year! For those of you in Ontario, I'm sorry to say that the One of a Kind Show did not make our list this year! Yes, that's right... once again we will NOT be at the OOAK Show (don't send us hate mail, okay?)! You'll have to shop right here on our site or you'll need to check out our list of retailers throughout Ontario.

Now, where WILL we be?

Edmonton! Make It Show, November 24-27th (that's this week!)
You can buy early bird tickets for just $5 here

Vancouver! Make It Show, December 8-11th!
Early bird tickets here

Well, that's it! I hope to see you Edmonton and Vancouver folks soon!

Show Season


This past weekend we were exhibitors at Vancouver's Fan Expo.  It's totally different than most shows we do (ya know, craft shows where all the exhibitors hand make their items) and we had a blast! There were Storm Troopers, Deadpools, Jokers, cute Ewoks and hundreds of other characters that I'm clueless about and it took people-watching to a whole new level.

Anyway, the Fan Expo is over and now we're gearing up for our next batch of shows!  Just a few short hours ago our massive crate of display items and stock got picked up by our shipping company.  It's heading off to Edmonton for the Make It Show, which is only a week away!  Eek!!! We haven't been to Edmonton in YEARS and we're so excited to be going back! Yahoo!!!

Then we're back to Vancouver for the Make It Show at the PNE Forum December 8-11!!!  Last year was our return to the Make It Shows after a short hiatus, and it's nice to be back on their roster.  Honestly, the level of talent at this show is mind-blowing!  Come check us out!


Fan Expo


Tomorrow we'll be in Vancouver setting up our booth for the Fan Expo, which opens on Friday and runs through to Sunday!  This is our second time doing the show and we're pretty excited!  If you plan on attending, make sure to watch for our booth (It's number 300).  We're right near the VIP Entrance (cuz obviously the most important people deserve to see us first) and if you look for the black and white brick, that's us!

And for those of you in Ontario, I just want to apologize for our absence at the upcoming One of a Kind Show!  We absolutely LOVE the show, but we committed to doing shows out on the West Coast instead.  But the good news is, you can buy everything from the convenience of your own home! Hooray for online shopping!

Coasters Are Here


Our coasters arrived from the printer yesterday and we finished them in our office this afternoon by adding the cork backing!

Boy, they sure look cute all tucked into their Mandarin orange box-bed.




Halloween is almost here and it made me want to dig up some October comic strips from our old calendars (my favourite is the green one).

And if you're a big fan of dressing up, perhaps you'll be joining the masses at the Vancouver Fan Expo on November 11-13th?  We're gonna be there and we're so excited to see all the wild costumes!

The Walking Dead ... Who's it Gonna Be?


Fan of The Walking Dead? Around this office we're huuuuuuggggeee fans and we're so excited for the show to come back this month! So we decided to have a little contest! Make your guess on who Negan will introduce to Lucille and you could win a set of our magnets! (retail value of over $70!)

Like any one of our social media pages (icons are at the bottom of this page) and make your guess on our page by the 15th and we'll pick a winner at random on the 18th... Don't worry if you don't guess correctly, all guesses will count. (Though obviously you'll look so much cooler if you guess correctly.)

Of course you could also buy yourself our Walking Dead magnets here... We've done 24 of our favourite characters with more to come! While you're here, you might want to check out our coaster designs too.  We're offering up over 60 different designs right now, but once the 15th hits we'll be narrowing the choice down to just a few!  So if you'd like to pre-order, do it now and you'll have a wider selection of choices.  I know I can't wait to get myself a few Walking Dead coasters!

Also, a Happy Thanksgiving to you!



Yesterday we received an email from the folks over at Fan Expo accepting our late application into the upcoming Vancouver show!  (We're awesome, so it's really not that surprising)... We did the show last year and it was so much fun seeing all the amazing work people put into their costumes.

Anyway, there's just over a month for us to prepare and one of the first things we have to get ready are a buttload of our new Fan Art Magnets, which include characters from The Walking Dead, Daredevil, Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad (we're always working on new characters, so stay tuned).  We'll also be debuting our coasters, which we're super excited about!  Not to mention we'll have our usual display of Birthday cards, Christmas cards, 2017 calendars and all our other goodies!



Christmas is Coming


If you pre-ordered one (or more) of our calendars, then keep an eye on your mailbox!  We shipped off the first batch of calendars this morning and our second batch will be shipping out tomorrow! We're excited for people to finally see the finished product... those dang things are a crazy amount of work and they damn well better be appreciated!!!

If you plan on visiting us at the Make It Show in either Edmonton or Vancouver in November (Edmonton) or December (Vancouver), you can plan to grab yourself a copy of the calendar there, but please keep in mind we have limited stock! (In other words it's safer to buy one right now from right here.)