Coasters Are Here


Our coasters arrived from the printer yesterday and we finished them in our office this afternoon by adding the cork backing!

Boy, they sure look cute all tucked into their Mandarin orange box-bed.




Halloween is almost here and it made me want to dig up some October comic strips from our old calendars (my favourite is the green one).

And if you're a big fan of dressing up, perhaps you'll be joining the masses at the Vancouver Fan Expo on November 11-13th?  We're gonna be there and we're so excited to see all the wild costumes!

The Walking Dead ... Who's it Gonna Be?


Fan of The Walking Dead? Around this office we're huuuuuuggggeee fans and we're so excited for the show to come back this month! So we decided to have a little contest! Make your guess on who Negan will introduce to Lucille and you could win a set of our magnets! (retail value of over $70!)

Like any one of our social media pages (icons are at the bottom of this page) and make your guess on our page by the 15th and we'll pick a winner at random on the 18th... Don't worry if you don't guess correctly, all guesses will count. (Though obviously you'll look so much cooler if you guess correctly.)

Of course you could also buy yourself our Walking Dead magnets here... We've done 24 of our favourite characters with more to come! While you're here, you might want to check out our coaster designs too.  We're offering up over 60 different designs right now, but once the 15th hits we'll be narrowing the choice down to just a few!  So if you'd like to pre-order, do it now and you'll have a wider selection of choices.  I know I can't wait to get myself a few Walking Dead coasters!

Also, a Happy Thanksgiving to you!



Yesterday we received an email from the folks over at Fan Expo accepting our late application into the upcoming Vancouver show!  (We're awesome, so it's really not that surprising)... We did the show last year and it was so much fun seeing all the amazing work people put into their costumes.

Anyway, there's just over a month for us to prepare and one of the first things we have to get ready are a buttload of our new Fan Art Magnets, which include characters from The Walking Dead, Daredevil, Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad (we're always working on new characters, so stay tuned).  We'll also be debuting our coasters, which we're super excited about!  Not to mention we'll have our usual display of Birthday cards, Christmas cards, 2017 calendars and all our other goodies!



Christmas is Coming


If you pre-ordered one (or more) of our calendars, then keep an eye on your mailbox!  We shipped off the first batch of calendars this morning and our second batch will be shipping out tomorrow! We're excited for people to finally see the finished product... those dang things are a crazy amount of work and they damn well better be appreciated!!!

If you plan on visiting us at the Make It Show in either Edmonton or Vancouver in November (Edmonton) or December (Vancouver), you can plan to grab yourself a copy of the calendar there, but please keep in mind we have limited stock! (In other words it's safer to buy one right now from right here.)


Coasters Are Coming


Interested in coasters? We're getting some made REAL soon, so we have a bunch of our designs available for pre-orders!  Until October 15th you can choose from over 60 different designs and we'll ship around the end of October!!!  There are our usual sassy, sarcastic, vulgar "Go Fuck Yourself" type designs, plus our Fan Art Coasters with some of the top characters from our favourite TV Shows!  Like "The Walking Dead"!!!!  My god, we love that show!  Anyway, if your living room is in need of a Daryl or Tara or Morgan coaster (or any of the other main characters)... order now!  Or perhaps you'd prefer a Heisenberg (Breaking Bad) or a Matt Murdoch (Daredevil) or a Jon Snow (Game of Thrones)?!?  Check them out!

When they go into production after the October 15th deadline we'll only be choosing a few of our designs and making limited quantities, so if you're at all interested, we strongly suggest ordering before the 15th so you guarantee to get the design and quantity you desire.

All the coasters are 3.75" x 3.75" x 0.125" (that's thin) and feature one of our designs printed on plastic resin with a cork backing.  They're also extremely durable and flexible and they look really friggin cute!


PS- they'll make great gifts for friends!  Think ahead to Christmas people... it's really not all that far way!

Coming Soon


Another small Canadian company approached us recently saying they wanted to put our designs onto coasters and when we saw the samples we were THRILLED!!! Honestly, they bypassed our expectations (which are extremely high).  We like to make everything ourselves, so to have someone else producing product for us is a little scary, but these guys know their shit! The coasters are printed on a plastic resin with a cork backing and they look so gosh darn cute around the office (not to mention they're actually functional as coasters!)  Anyway, we're currently in the process of figuring out which designs we want to make into coasters (which is difficult when we have so many different designs!) and we plan on having them available in time for Christmas! Hooray! Actually, we might even be putting up a sizeable selection of images that we'll turn into coasters and we'll give you wonderful customers the opportunity to pre-order at a special price before they make their official debut.  So stay tuned for that.... it'll probably happen.

Fight Procrastination Day


Today is Fight Procrastination Day, so I'm drinking a lot of coffee so I have the energy to catch up on all the work I've been putting off.

Ugh.  I'm already dreading it... the work, not the coffee.  Actually, what am I talking about?!?... the only part about this job I'm not so fond of is the paperwork (BOO to bookkeeping) the rest of it is enjoyable!  Bring on the creasing and cutting and folding and shrink wrapping!!! And the venti soya mocha!!!



Okay, so first off it looks like Canada Post and the Union of Canadian Postal Workers have worked out a deal! YAHOO!!!  Honestly, the whole strike thing was stresssssing me out!  Anyway, I'm stoked that we won't have to worry about shipping out online orders.... including all those calendar pre-orders that people have placed!  I think this year we've had more calendar pre-orders than all previous years combined!!!  That's awesome!

Our calendars have been printed and are being delivered to our very capable hands this afternoon!  That means that we'll be right on schedule for our early October ship date!  If you'd still like to pre-order your copy of our 2017 wall calendar, you can get 25% off by ordering now!  This deal won't last much longer, so do it.  Do it now.

Canada Post Disruption - Again?!

Ugh.  It looks like Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers are at it again! 

What does this mean?  Well, there may or may not be a strike!  If a full-on strike occurs, we will not be able to ship our online orders and all orders will be fully-refunded (there's just no economical alternative when it comes to shipping greeting cards!).  However, if there's a rotating strike and mail continues to move, we will certainly continue processing our orders and keep our fingers crossed that they won't take a thousand years to get from our office to you!

Anyway, stay tuned.