Canada Post Disruption

It appears that a Canada Post strike or lock-out is highly possible starting as early as July 3rd.  Sadly, this greatly affects our business in a very negative way!  We love Canada Post and use it for all our shipments, so we hope this dispute gets resolved soon! 

It seems that even parcels mailed today would face the threat of not making it to their final destinations... So as of today, we are halting all online orders until this thing with Canada Post is sorted out or until we can figure out how to ship greeting cards without it costing an arm and a leg!

RETAILERS - This does not apply to you!  Thankfully we can use couriers and still ship your orders in an economical way. 

Yo Dudes

Work on our 2017 calendar has begun! It'll take several months before its complete, but when it is be sure to watch out for our announcement on pre-orders (probably sometime in the early fall).  You always save a couple bucks and get first dibs on our limited edition calendars.  The best way to stay in the loop would be to sign up for our mailing list (at the bottom of this page).

We're big advocates of shopping local and if you haven't already, you should check out our list of awesome retailers!  They're always hitting us up for new stock, so a store near you should hopefully have a nice full display of Hug and Kiss cards! (If not, be sure to publicly shame them and make them re-order). 

Mothers Day


Now that I'm a mom, I have a greater appreciation for Mother's Day.  Kids are a lot of work and you really don't realize it until you have one of your own.  So to my mom (who barely knows how to use the internet and will probably never see this), you did one hell of a job raising me (and an okay job with the other 3) and I certainly wouldn't be the successful/hilarious/amazing/awesome business woman that I am today without your wonderful mothering skills - so thank you!

And to my husband and daughter, you better have a great gift idea.  You got 4 days.

Now for all you wonderful customers, it's definitely too late to buy Mother's Day cards from our website, but you can certainly check in with one of our fabulous retailers to see what they have in stock!

Make It Vancouver


Yo dudes.  So in 1-weeks time we're gonna be busy setting up our booth at the Make It Show in Vancouver!  You'd be surprised at how much work goes into selling greeting cards  (it's more display than products!), but it's a hell of a lot easier doing a local show than it is traveling across Canada! 

Anyway, if you're in and around the Vancouver area next weekend (that's April 22, 23, 24th) then you should make an effort to stop by the PNE Forum for the Make It Show.  It's only $5 at the door [or $4 if you show them this flyer (on or phone or printed!)]  If you plan on going with a few buddies, you can buy your tickets ahead of time right from the Make It Show website and save up to 40% off! ($3/person with 3 or more people).  Now that's just smart planning.

And while you're at it, make note of where you can find us...


Thank You Ontario

We're back from Ontario and back to our normal shipping schedule for all online orders.  As before, it takes us about 3-4 days to process and ship your order, then Canada Post needs 4 business days for delivery in Canada, 4-7 for international.

A huge thank you goes out to all of you that visited us at the One of a Kind Show last week!  After being absent for 2 years, it was nice to know that we were not forgotten!  We might have mentioned it to you at the show, but if not please keep in mind that we will NOT be at the One of a Kind Christmas Show this year, so you'll need to get your Christmas cards online (or from one of our awesome Ontario retailers).

For those of you that signed up for our mailing list at the show, expect your coupon code and welcome email in the coming week (it takes us awhile to decipher your handwriting).

Online Order Shipping Delays


Hey folks,  if you're here to place an online order - thank you!  You're clearly an awesome person with an amazing sense of humour!

As a heads-up, there will be a delay in our shipping from March 21st to March 29th as we'll be packed up and in Toronto for the One of a Kind Show.  All orders placed between those dates will be shipped by April 1st (at the latest).  (Wholesale orders will need more time).

Thanks for your patience and apologies for the delay!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Okay, so St. Patrick's Day isn't on a Tuesday this year, but you know what we mean!  Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone (also known around my house as our cats birthday!)

Next week is a big one for us... it's our return to Toronto for the Spring One of a Kind Show!  The show is so fucking phenomenal, we can't wait!  If you live in and around Toronto, you should definitely check it out.  We offer deals on things that you won't find on our website... plus you get to meet the brain behind the whole Hug and Kiss operation in person... so you can give her a fist bump and tell how how awesome she is.  Should you attend the show and want to find us, once through the main entrance walk 30 seconds and you'll find us in G-29 (see photo below).

For those of you in and around Vancouver, we have exciting news for you as well... we're signed up for the Spring Make It Show at the PNE Forum.  This is another phenomenal show that you have to check out!  Make It runs April 22nd to 24th, so we'll be sure to remind you a lot before then.


Free Tickets


Hey Ontario!  We have 10 free tickets for The One of a Kind Show to give away!  If you've never been, you HAVE to check it out.  Not only will we be there with our hilarious greeting cards, magnets, etc, but over 450 other amazing artisans will be too.  (It's seriously awesome).  If you HAVE been before, then you already know how awesome it is and you must be dying to know how to score one of the 10 free tickets I'm talking about...

Well, easy!  Just follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (links are at the bottom of this page) and tag us in a post.  On March 7th, we'll choose the winners at random.   The show is on the Easter long weekend, so unless you're the Easter bunny you must have at least one day off between the 23rd and 27th.




We have new products!  Not a huge amount, but a couple of new magnets and a couple of new Mother's Day/Father's Day/Parenting cards.  We're doing the One of a Kind Show in Toronto next month and seeing as it's our first time back in 3 years, we would have been embarrassed to show our faces without something new... so rejoice! 

Speaking of new, we also have a new booth and if I can speak frankly, it looks fucking AWESOME! So prepare yourself Ontario.  If you're a fan of the One of a Kind Show (or even if you've never been), stay tuned because we have FREE tickets to give away and we're just trying to figure out how to pick who gets 'em.