Happy Fucking New Year everyone!  I know it's already Day 5, but I've been busy lately and updating my website sadly falls to the end of my "to-do" list.  Around our office we're busy getting our stores stocked with Valentine's Day cards, while also prepping for the One of a Kind Show that happens in a few months.  We haven't done the OOAK show since 2013 and we're sooooooo excited to be heading back!  (It's a big craft show in Toronto for those of you that don't already know).  We finally had a custom booth made and while we debuted part of it at the Make It Show in Vancouver this past Christmas, we'll have the rest ready for public viewing at the OOAK show.  It's a huge fucking wall and I'm hand-painting it... so it'll take awhile.  But it'll look DAMN GOOD when I'm done with it.

Anyway, back to Valentine's Day; it's February 14th and it's definitely not too soon to start your ordering.  Ya know, for all the whores in your life.



Hey folks.  So the holidays are over and now it's time to brace ourselves for the beginning of a new year.  We love when a new year starts because we get to put up a new calendar and our calendars are fucking awesome! All our 2016 calendars sold out super fast, so if you're getting ready to hang your copy, consider yourself lucky. We had so many people asking us to make more, but we just couldn't do it.  Next year we'll try to have enough for everyone!

We had a really great holiday season this year and at the risk of sounding super cheesy, we couldn't have done it without our wonderful customers - so thank you!  Even if you're just coming to our website for a laugh, we thank you!  Obviously it's better for us when you buy some of our shit (whether it's at one of our retailers, online or at a craft show), but we appreciate your love and support no matter how you give it.  If you're a long time fan, then you might have noticed that we were missing from the craft show scene for awhile there... apologies for that.  As it turns out getting pregnant, having a baby and raising it takes a lot of hard work and dedication.  The good news is, that kid is old enough to raise herself now (a 2-year-old can be left alone, right?), so we're free to add a few shows to our schedule!  We wrapped up 2015 with the Make It Show in Vancouver (and it was incredible) and we're going to start off 2016 with the One of a Kind Spring Show in Toronto (and we expect that one to be incredible too).

Now go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back... because if you're ready this then you must be awesome and for that, we thank you!


Holiday Shipping Deadlines:

For orders shipped within Canada, order by December 10th.

For orders shipped to the USA, order by December 8th.

For international orders, order by December 6th.

PLEASE NOTE: We will still ship all online orders placed after these dates, they just aren't likely to arrive in time for Christmas.

Happy November

Lately customers have been asking us if we'll be at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto this Christmas... sadly, the answer is no, we won't be there this year.  (So buy your cards from us right here). Traveling across the country for an 11-day show is a lot of work, like a super ridiculous amount of work.  Yes, it's satisfying and rewarding, but super exhausting and made especially more difficult when dealing with a toddler that only naps 1-hour each day.  ANYWAY, we're sorry we won't be there again this year, but stay tuned because perhaps we'll see you wonderful Ontario folks in the spring?!

Now for you wonderful Vancouver people, we're going to be at the Make It Show (December 3-6th) at the PNE Forum!  It's our only show this Christmas season, so be sure to mark it in your calendars.  We haven't been able to do a Make It Show for a few years now (I vaguely recall the last time... I think I had H1N1 that year) and we're really excited to reconnect with all the other wonderful exhibitors and customers.  So make sure you make it to Make It  (oh god, that's cheesy).


The Last of Us


Wow, so that was fast.  It's only October 14th and we're down to our last two calendars!  Looks like we might have to make some more... YIKES!!!  If you're wanting to get your copy shipped immediately, then order now!  Otherwise it'll take weeks for our next batch to be ready.

UPDATE AS OF OCTOBER 23 - Calendars are back - though in limited supply!  Order now here!!!

In other news, we did a little photo shoot with our Christmas gift tags and they look SO cute!  So order these little cuties while you're at it.   

Every Damn Year


You might hate me for saying this, but before we know it Christmas will be here! Here at the hug and kiss headquarters we've been working on Christmas since late spring… So we're going to be prepared for the busy season... At least mostly prepared. What about you? How many freaks have started their shopping already? There's always a few. Anyway, we bring it up because our calendars are still at a special pre-order price of $15.00 each! But that's going to change real soon! In the next few weeks we'll be cutting and punching and coiling and shrink wrapping our little buns off getting the 2016 wall calendars ready. Once that happens, they won't be pre-orders anymore and you'll be paying $20 a piece (still a killer deal for how awesome they are!). Anyway, order soon and save.... Plus guarantee that you'll get one. We aren't making many, so they're probably going to sell out. 

We just sent them to the printer a few days ago, so there's not much time left...

New Arrivals


Hey fools!  First off, if you're one of the super amazing retailers carrying our cards in Canada, check your email!  If you don't see one from us, contact us and make sure that we have you on our mailing list.  We sent something this morning that you'll be interested in.

We have some fun new products to announce!  We recently made Gift Tags and we're SO excited about them!  They're the size of a standard business card and come with a small piece of twine so you can tie it to gifts.  They are 100% made in Canada and are just like our other products.... sweet, but fucking sassy!  They come in packs of 10 and we have 6 different designs (so far).


We also have some new Box Sets.  Box sets are actually a great gift in themselves.  If you know someone that loves greeting cards, you can give them one of our box sets so they can give out the cards!  We have Christmas Box Sets too.

Finally, we've already mentioned it, but our 2016 Wall Calendars are ready for pre-orders!  They're designed, but not ready for production just yet.  We'd like to get an idea of how many are wanted before we decide on how many to make.  So place your order today and you'll be guaranteed to get one before everyone else!

New Card of the Week


It's been a few weeks since we've had a chance to do a new "Card of the Week," but not for a lack of caring.  Actually, it's partly because we don't care that much, but mostly because we were experiencing technical difficulties for awhile there when our computer died... also because we're really fucking busy getting ready for Christmas!

Anyway, here it is.  A "Thank You" card (my personal favourite too) has made it as this weeks chosen one.  Buy it here for just $2.00 (normally $4.95).