Happy November

Lately customers have been asking us if we'll be at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto this Christmas... sadly, the answer is no, we won't be there this year.  (So buy your cards from us right here). Traveling across the country for an 11-day show is a lot of work, like a super ridiculous amount of work.  Yes, it's satisfying and rewarding, but super exhausting and made especially more difficult when dealing with a toddler that only naps 1-hour each day.  ANYWAY, we're sorry we won't be there again this year, but stay tuned because perhaps we'll see you wonderful Ontario folks in the spring?!

Now for you wonderful Vancouver people, we're going to be at the Make It Show (December 3-6th) at the PNE Forum!  It's our only show this Christmas season, so be sure to mark it in your calendars.  We haven't been able to do a Make It Show for a few years now (I vaguely recall the last time... I think I had H1N1 that year) and we're really excited to reconnect with all the other wonderful exhibitors and customers.  So make sure you make it to Make It  (oh god, that's cheesy).


The Last of Us


Wow, so that was fast.  It's only October 14th and we're down to our last two calendars!  Looks like we might have to make some more... YIKES!!!  If you're wanting to get your copy shipped immediately, then order now!  Otherwise it'll take weeks for our next batch to be ready.

UPDATE AS OF OCTOBER 23 - Calendars are back - though in limited supply!  Order now here!!!

In other news, we did a little photo shoot with our Christmas gift tags and they look SO cute!  So order these little cuties while you're at it.   

Every Damn Year


You might hate me for saying this, but before we know it Christmas will be here! Here at the hug and kiss headquarters we've been working on Christmas since late spring… So we're going to be prepared for the busy season... At least mostly prepared. What about you? How many freaks have started their shopping already? There's always a few. Anyway, we bring it up because our calendars are still at a special pre-order price of $15.00 each! But that's going to change real soon! In the next few weeks we'll be cutting and punching and coiling and shrink wrapping our little buns off getting the 2016 wall calendars ready. Once that happens, they won't be pre-orders anymore and you'll be paying $20 a piece (still a killer deal for how awesome they are!). Anyway, order soon and save.... Plus guarantee that you'll get one. We aren't making many, so they're probably going to sell out. 

We just sent them to the printer a few days ago, so there's not much time left...

New Arrivals


Hey fools!  First off, if you're one of the super amazing retailers carrying our cards in Canada, check your email!  If you don't see one from us, contact us and make sure that we have you on our mailing list.  We sent something this morning that you'll be interested in.

We have some fun new products to announce!  We recently made Gift Tags and we're SO excited about them!  They're the size of a standard business card and come with a small piece of twine so you can tie it to gifts.  They are 100% made in Canada and are just like our other products.... sweet, but fucking sassy!  They come in packs of 10 and we have 6 different designs (so far).


We also have some new Box Sets.  Box sets are actually a great gift in themselves.  If you know someone that loves greeting cards, you can give them one of our box sets so they can give out the cards!  We have Christmas Box Sets too.

Finally, we've already mentioned it, but our 2016 Wall Calendars are ready for pre-orders!  They're designed, but not ready for production just yet.  We'd like to get an idea of how many are wanted before we decide on how many to make.  So place your order today and you'll be guaranteed to get one before everyone else!

New Card of the Week


It's been a few weeks since we've had a chance to do a new "Card of the Week," but not for a lack of caring.  Actually, it's partly because we don't care that much, but mostly because we were experiencing technical difficulties for awhile there when our computer died... also because we're really fucking busy getting ready for Christmas!

Anyway, here it is.  A "Thank You" card (my personal favourite too) has made it as this weeks chosen one.  Buy it here for just $2.00 (normally $4.95).

Winter is Coming

So it turns out that iMac's can only handle 4 years working with Hug and Kiss Designs before they can't handle the foul language and they DIE.  Just shut off and DIE forever!  (I've had 2 now that have both done the same thing in an 8-year-period.)  I nearly died myself when the first one bit the dust and I didn't have a back-up for any of my business (or personal [ie. porn]) files.  Thankfully the hard drive was saved and I learned my lesson.  So when iMac #2 died a couple of weeks ago, I was more prepared both emotionally and technically.

Anyway, I'm back with a newer and skinner computer and all is good.  For 4 years anyway.

I've also been hard at work gearing up for Christmas.  I know, I know, talking about Christmas in summer is fucked up, but in the greeting card world you barely escape Christmas.  In June/July I was designing new Christmas cards, then this month has been all about Christmas box sets and something new for us... GIFT TAGS!  The gift tags will be debuted soon and we're really excited about them! We're also really excited about our 2016 calendar, which is available for pre-order right now!



Eek.  I better get back to work.



Happy Junk Food Day!  Who's up for a trip to Wendy's?

We have a new "Card of the Week" up today, and it's another good one (duh, all our cards are good).  We picked this one because it has a hippo eating junk food and it's Junk Food Day!  Hooray!  Buy it HERE for just $2.00 for this week only.




Every so often I take time away from my creasing and cutting duties and I sit at my computer to make new cards!  It's not always my favourite thing to do, but sometimes if the mood is right I can crank out several new cards in a single day!  (Other times it can take DAYS just to get one card done right).  I had a few good days a couple of weeks ago and I made several new cards that I've now posted under the NEW ARRIVALS section.  Check them out then buy them all!

Most notably is a Get Well card that I came up with after hearing that a woman I know had just been diagnosed with a life changing illness.  Seeing as this type of thing happens to men and women across the world on a daily basis, I thought that this might be a great opportunity for me to try and help... even just a little.  So while it doesn't feel like much, I've decided to donate $1.00 from every sale of this card to cancer research!  We'll go public with our earnings once in awhile and donate a lump sum to the Canadian Cancer Society once a year.

Now just because the money will be going to cancer research, doesn't mean the card has to be given to someone dealing with cancer.  This card can be given to someone battling any illness or injury, or even a bad break up, or rough patch in life (job loss, death in family, etc).  We just chose cancer because we fucking hate it  (who doesn't?) and it affects so many people! So be fucking awesome and buy this card NOW!

Card of the Week


While pregnant women are beautiful, many don't feel that way... at least not all the time.  Pregnancy can make you feel hot and sweaty and big and bloated and it gets awkward to move and hard to breathe.  Plus, sometimes you're just an emotional wreck and any little thing could set you off (like a sassy greeting card?!).  But the one thing that most pregnant women are proud of, are their boobs!  So it's almost safe to say that this card is 100%  safe to give to a pregnant woman without the fear of getting your head cut off in a hormonal rage (But we make no guarantees).

So yeah, you guessed it, this is our card of the week!  Buy it for just $2.00 until next Monday/Tuesday (or whenever we decide to put a new one up).  Buy it here.

In other awesome news, today is Canada Day - so a big Happy Birthday to this wonderful country I'm proud to call home!!!  Last year on Canada Day we were doing a show in Vancouver at Canada Place with our 7-month-old baby in a jumperoo (she attracted more customers than the cards did) and we were surrounded by hundreds of people in red and white, but this year we're stuck in the office (with no air conditioning) making cards for the masses.  It's okay though, this job is fucking awesome.

Today also means that it's time to switch over those calendar pages, which is one of those small things in life that gives me great pleasure.  Do you have a Hug and Kiss Designs calendar?  You should.  It's hilarious.