Working on New Stuff


One of my favourite things about my job is creating new cards!  Sometimes ideas for cards sit around for years before they get made (I have notebooks FULL of ideas!)... other times they're written and designed on the spot.  This morning while my daughter was napping, I managed to get two new cards done and it got my creative juices flowing!  I'll work on a few more before debuting them all together as a collection, so stay tuned.

In other news, I'm skipping the Card of the Week this week and keeping last week's card up just a little longer.  I was too busy designing the new ones this morning to bother with getting a new one up and I don't want to do it mid-week, so check back next Monday or Tuesday.


Card of the Week


I'm a day late with the Card of the Week this week, but I'm my own boss and I do what I want.  So don't write in and tell me how let down you were yesterday when a new card wasn't posted. (Actually, I would really love a little hate mail... just to know you care.)

This week's card has a bit of back story.  When I was a kid celebrating one of my single-digit birthdays (I can't remember which one exactly, but I was definitely under 10), my family had a party at my aunts house.  When cake time came, my family burst into the "Happy birthday" song as they brought out the cake.  Only instead of singing it the normal way, they sang...

Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
You look like a monkey.
And you smell like one too.

It broke my heart.  I burst into tears.

I'm certain that it was that very moment that my hatred for the "Happy birthday" song began (and probably my underlining motivation for making super awesome sarcastic birthday cards).

And that pretty well sums up how I came up with this card.  If you'd like to buy THE CARD OF THE WEEK, CLICK HERE.

My aunt Diane, the one that hosted said birthday party, has been a huge influence in my sense of humour.  She's sassy, hilarious and super sarcastic.  Come to think of it, I wouldn't be surprised if she was the one behind the whole monkey song!  Anyway, a couple years ago she found the most perfect birthday card for me (besides any one of my own of course).  I mean come on - it's perfect!  This is how I hope my cards are for other people... I hope they just hit the nail on the head so perfectly that you keep the card around in your desk drawer.


Card of the Week


Thanks to all you folks that have been taking part in our Card of the Week! This weeks card is a birthday card and it's one of my personal favourites!  I once had a young lady tell me that she was giving it to one of her girlfriends and I thought - PERFECT!  That's exactly what we're all about.  People often describe our cards as "mean," but they're not meant to be mean, they're meant to be funny!  So giving a card to a woman without a penis to diss her penis size, it's brilliant.  That's how we like to give them.  A card about boobs to a guy, a card about going bald to someone with beautiful full hair, a card about weight to a skinny friend.  It's perfect.

If you like to shop in brick and mortar shops, as opposed to online, we're always shipping orders out to our wonderful retailers!  In fact, in the past week we've sent out orders to Valmart Foods in Leduc, AB and Ritchcraft Gallery in Kelowna, BC and On the Verge in Guelph, ON.  So be sure to check out our full list of shops to find one close to you!

Card of the Week - Father's Day!


Yikes, it's already June.  I hope you remembered to flip over that calendar page!  I did and it's so nice seeing a Motherfuckin' Pimp up on my wall (Don't know what I'm talking about?  You should be ashamed of yourself.)

Anyway, it's not only June first, it's MONDAY which means it's time for a new "Card of the Week."  I almost forgot about it this week, but thankfully I remembered just before laying down for a nice little nap.  (Working for yourself has wonderful perks like naptime.)


In honour of Father's Day, which is coming up on June 21st, I decided to choose one of my favourite Father's Day cards as the "Card of the Week"!  This particular card I wrote for my dad.  Growing up we spent a lot of time in the car heading to movies and restaurants and theme parks and  stuff (yeah, we did cool stuff all the time!) and more often than not my dad would let one rip in the car (yeah, he'd fart) and to make things worse, he'd roll up the windows and blame one of us kids.  Taking the heat for one of dad's farts was the worst.  We'd shout "whoever smelt it, dealt it" and "whoever denied it, supplied it" at one another while holding our shirts up over our noses.  Meanwhile dad would be upfront driving, laughing his head off.  That's when I learned, when you fart you blame it on someone else!  And that's why I had a kid of my own.

For this week only you can buy this Father's Day card for just $2.00!  Add a few other cards to that order to make it add up to $15 and we'll throw in a free 2015 calendar (it's still good for 6 more months!). Make it up to $25 and we'll throw in a free 2015 calendar AND ship everything for FREE!


Card of the Week


Our second card of the week is here!  In case you missed it last week, we've decided to focus our attention on a different card each week.  We'll tell you a little something about the card and we'll put in on sale for just 2 bucks.  That's a pretty great deal, so you should take advantage of it.

Here's card #2.... "Natalie Likes Owls."  This card was one of the first that I created!  In fact, it was actually made before Hug and Kiss Designs was even a thing, officially anyway!  I had come up with the idea for a funny line of greeting cards, but I was just designing them for fun and showing them to friends and family.  When a friend of mine (Natalie) had a birthday coming up, I decided to make her one of my cards.  At the time she had a thing for owls, especially owls playing accordions...  Working with that, I found my "hoot" to "ho" angle and the card was made!  Come to think of it, this was the first Hug and Kiss card printed and given out! Lucky Natalie.


In other news, we also recently discovered a box of 2015 calendars that we forgot to sell!  Doh!  So we're giving them away for FREE to anyone that places an order for $15 or more.  Or you can just buy one for $5.


Card of the Week


We've decided to do a new thing here at Hug and Kiss - we're going to have a "Card of the Week"!  Each week we'll select a card, tell you a little bit about how it was made, then we'll mark it down to just $2.00!  Sounds pretty great right?  We think so, so let's get this shit started! Our very first "Card of the Week" is one of our "Friendship" cards (though it can be given for any number of occasions)...  

X-FR-012 "VAGINA POWER"  (click here to buy!)
FRONT: Have you heard the news?
INSIDE: My vagina is awesome.

I don't really remember how I came up with the idea for this card, but I do know it sat around for quite awhile before I finally decided to use it.  Actually, it almost didn't make the cut, which is funny now seeing how it's definitely one of our top sellers!  I remember debuting this card at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto several years ago.  I was hesitant to put it out on display, but after selling out of one of my other cards I needed something to put in it's place.  I chose this one and to my surprise (honestly, I was shocked!) it started selling right away!  So who buys this card and what for?  Well, as I'm sure you can guess it's primarily women that buy this one.  One woman bought several to send out to her friends letting them know that her lady-parts were okay after a cancer scare and another lady bought a couple to hand out to her "suitors"... just to let them know how awesome her vagina is. I think this card mostly goes to women to give their partners on anniversaries and what-not.  Either way, it sells like crazy and we're still surprised by it.  So buy one (or several) and let the world know that your vagina is awesome!


Work Work Work


Here to order your Mother's Day cards?  I'm afraid you're too late.  We'll still ship your cards in our normal 2-3 business day timeframe, but we doubt you'll receive your cards in time for the big day (though there may be hope if you get your order in today or tomorrow).  Good news is you can check out our awesome list of retailers to see if they have any of our Mother's Day cards left in stock!

Every month we work hard (well, sort-of-hard) to provide our list of awesome list of retailers with our products.  This morning was spent bundling cards with their envelopes (while watching "Shameless" online). Is there anything sexier than the beautifully coloured spines of freshly cut greeting cards?  Probably.  But these bad boys still give me a chubby (unless that's from all the nudity on "Shameless").




Don't let your mom down this year, you at least have to get her a card to show her that you care.  All those years that you forgot Mother's Day, she's been keeping track and it's affecting your inheritance. Think about all the things your mom has done for you....  She spent 9 months growing you from scratch, she pushed you out her vajayjay (which is super fucking intense), she wiped your snotty nose, she rubbed your back when you were sick, she did 18 years worth of laundry and she kept a roof over your fucking head.  So show a little respect and get her a card and a little gift.  It's the least you can do.


 Mother's Day cards   +  Parenting cards



A huge thank you to all you nerds that joined us this past weekend at Vancouver's Fan Expo!  We had such a blast being a part of the show and we're already looking forward to next years event  (which is in November, not April!).  It was really cool to see all the different costumes and celebrities and it was an honour to be among all the amazing artists.

Anyway, thanks again to those of you that dropped by our booth at the show.  It was probably nice to meet you.