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Since 2012 I’ve been making wall calendars and this year is no different! Right now I’m nearing the end of the design phase (just finalizing a few things before a final proofread) and then it’ll go into production. That normally takes a few weeks, so that means the calendars will be ready to ship at the end of October/early November!

Every year the hardest part about making calendars is deciding how many to make. Some years I sell out before the new year starts and other years I still have stock left in the spring! It’s tough to guess how many will sell each year, but that’s what I do – I guess. But I don’t just pull a number outta thin air, I partially base my guess on the number I need to print by the number of pre-orders I receive. That’s where YOU come in! If you pre-order a copy (or multiple copies) then I’m sorta able to gauge the demand for that year.

Now, this year is slightly different than previous years… This year I’m NOT doing any shows around Christmas. That means I won’t be in Vancouver at Make It selling stock and I won’t be at One of a Kind in Toronto. So if you’re interested in grabbing yourself a copy of the calendar for yourself or for that Secret Santa gift, you HAVE to get it online. (Or you contact Buds N Blooms in Bonnyville, Alberta. They’re the only retailer of mine that I sell my calendar to.)

Since I won’t be doing shows this year, I’m making far fewer than I normally do. So please don’t get mad if you decide to wait until January to get your copy and I’m sold out.

Did I convince you to place your pre-order? Good. Get it here! The pre-order price is only valid until October 1st, so don’t wait too long. Unless you like to pay full price because you really, truly appreciate all my hard work and want to show me by giving me more of your hard-earned money *wink wink, nudge, nudge*.

FINALLY, if you order other items with your calendar and you want me to ship everything together, please make note in your order or send me a email. Orders without notes will ship separately.

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