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Hey y’all,

So MOTHER’S DAY IS COMING ON SUNDAY, MAY 12th and I figured I should remind you all.

Now, I don’t need to remind you that our cards aren’t necessarily the right choice for every mom out there (not every mom would laugh at being called a bitch! 😜) BUT, we do have a large variety of cards for all sorts of moms out there… Some cards are cute and sassy and some are a little more rude and vulgar (yes – there’s one calling your mom a bitch!). 

We also have different cards for different types of moms too… your mom, your wife, your grandma, your like-a-mom, your mother-in-law. Here are a few (including one of this year’s new designs!)  to give you an idea on what we offer.

Now if you’re like, “Wow, these cards are great and I should really get one for my mom,” you should then consider shipping time! It generally takes us 1-3 days from receiving your order to getting your order in the mail. From that point it takes Canada Post a few days to get your package from us (we’re in BC) to you wherever you are. So all in all, the total time from ordering to receiving is approximately 7-10 days.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12th, so you’ll want to order by next week to ensure there’s enough time to get the card from us to you!

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