Hello Edmonton


Curious about our plans for this holiday season?...

Sadly we aren't able to be in more than one place at a time (until my clone arrives), so we're only going to be at 2 shows this year! For those of you in Ontario, I'm sorry to say that the One of a Kind Show did not make our list this year! Yes, that's right... once again we will NOT be at the OOAK Show (don't send us hate mail, okay?)! You'll have to shop right here on our site or you'll need to check out our list of retailers throughout Ontario.

Now, where WILL we be?

Edmonton! Make It Show, November 24-27th (that's this week!)
You can buy early bird tickets for just $5 here

Vancouver! Make It Show, December 8-11th!
Early bird tickets here

Well, that's it! I hope to see you Edmonton and Vancouver folks soon!