Make It Vancouver


Hi friends,

Spring has been off to a crazy start.  For me it started with a cold, which turned into a flu, which then turned into a sinus infection... Which (thanks to a heavy dose of antibiotics) went away just in time for my trip to Edmonton for the Make It Show! Edmonton has always been so good to me and it was so great to be back.  So for those of you that visited me at the show last month - thank you!  (Also, you might want to stay tuned for an announcement about our return to Whyte Ave!... assuming it goes as planned!)

Now its nearly time for Make It Vancouver to begin and while it seems I'm fighting another cold (yeah, another one!) I'm still pumped and ready for a great show!  We'll be back at the PNE Forum Friday, April 21st to Sunday, April 23rd with a bunch of other awesome creators/designers/artists.  You'll be bummed if you miss out on the awesomeness that is Make It.

So when I was in Edmonton my coasters were a HUGE hit and so I knew I needed to add some new ones to the lineup.  Check them out in person if you're in the Vancouver area, or find them here next week.  I've also restocked the soldout ones, which you'll see reflected on the site next week.


Oh shit, I almost forgot - Mother's Day is coming up pretty quick here, so you might want to considering buying your mom/wife/mom-type-person a card now so you have time to work up the courage to give her something so hilarious she might pee herself a little.