After 8 years and creasing, cutting, and folding 100,000's of cards by hand - this bad boy has become my uniform.  It's okay though, don't worry about me... I'm totally at peace with my sexy new look.  Thankfully it's just while I work (though there was a time several months ago where I had to rock it 24/7).  Now I just wear it while I work so my tendons stay happy.

While it may only be February, we've already started working on getting our Christmas cards ready!  Oye.  It's so crazy how Christmas never really ends in the greeting card world.  You spend January recovering from Christmas, February thru August is designing and getting stock ready, September thru November is shipping Christmas stock out to stores, then early December is spent filling and shipping online sales.  Then Christmas actually comes and goes and it's back to the beginning of the cycle.  It's a mad, mad season,  but we love it.

For you retailers out there curious about the Alberta Gift Show - nope, we're not going!  But we're always free to take your wholesale orders.  If you don't already have an account with our fancy new wholesale site, just call or email me and I'll hook you up.  Alternatively, Jannex is around to help you too!