Well, here we are… another new year! I’m sure I’m not the only one that had a weird 2021. So let us all hope that 2022 will take that turn for the better that we’ve all been hoping for!

Hug and Kiss Designs turns 15-years-old this month, which feels like an amazing accomplishment, but in a way it also feels like the past two years didn’t even happen!

If you feel like I wasn’t really around as much as usual for 2021, you’re probably right. I ended up spending much of the year working another job! (For you curious folks – it’s in the marketing department at a local company). Hug and Kiss Designs is still my baby and I’m still making & shipping product, I just find I have less time for social media posts/emails/and whatnot. So apologies if you feel a little ignored!

For all of you reading this, a HUGE THANK YOU! My little stationery company wouldn’t be here without you! Every order, every email, every social media comment – it means a lot to me! Sharing my posts and buying and sending out my cards to your friends and family all make a difference to me and my company! Your support for these past 15 years (or however long you’ve been following me) has not gone unnoticed- so once again, THANK YOU!

In other news, if you’re looking for a new calendar, I have a few left! Last year they sold out before Christmas and I had several people emailing me well into the New Year looking to snag a copy. Once they sell out, that’s it, they’re gone for good. So for the 2022 calendar I decided to make extra copies to meet the demand… and lol-and-behold I end up with leftovers!

As we get closer to the Hug and Kiss birthday (January 25th) I plan to clear some old stock out of my office. I’ll likely be selling things for super cheap and I may even end up giving a few items away. So stay tuned!

To wrap this up, I hope you ALL have a wonderful New Year full of sassy greeting cards from yours truly. 😜