The world is a crazy place right now.  While we all do our best to stay safe and healthy (social distancing people!), it’s important to care for our mental health during this pandemic.

I’m a big believer in using laughter as medicine, so I encourage you all to spend some time here reading through my cards (and other products!).I’m not asking you to buy any (though that’d be fucking awesome!), I just want you to have a laugh with your partner, share on social media with your friends, or chuckle by yourself before going to bed.  (Hell, even leaving a comment here or reviewing a product helps!)

I’m not one to brag, but I HAVE actually made people laugh so hard they pee.

AND if I’m still in business when we make it through this crisis, then maybe, just maybe you’ll remember me and buy a card or two!  In the meantime, sharing my shit with your friends costs you nothing, but means the world to me and my little business!

Now for those of you that DO want to buy online right now, I assure you the cards are coming from a clean and safe office.  (The only contaminate around here is my dirty mind.)  I plan to ship worldwide as long as the service is available.  Want me to ship a card to someone else?  Cool, I can do that.  Just let me know.

That’s all from me.  For now.

Stay safe friends!