Hey everyone, Nikki here (ya know, the super awesome and talented designer/writer/manufacturer of all the products here on this site). I just wanted to take a quick second to update you all on my plans for this Christmas craft show season. I’M NOT DOING ANY SHOWS!  I know, I know… you were really looking forward to seeing me and spending a ridiculous amount of money on my cards!  Well, the good news is that you can find my cards in retail shops across Canada (use the Retailer link) OR you can buy online right here and right now spend as much money as you’d like!  There are over 60 different Christmas cards, a handful of Hanukkah cards, and over 70 Birthday cards (and various other cards and stationery items like our limited selection of calendars!) that you can buy 24 hours a day from the comfort of your own home (or office. I know 90% of you are probably at work right now).

So why the fuck am I skipping out on shows this year?  Cuz I need a goddamn break!

I founded this company back in January of 2007 (though it was really created in late 2006) and by the fall of 2007 I had entered the craft show scene with Portobello West.  I did that show for a number of years and slowly started adding other shows to my roster like Make It (Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary) and the One of a Kind Show in Toronto (and for awhile Vancouver) and all sorts of other shows in between.  Every single year for the past 12 years I’ve been doing shows at Christmas!!!  The most memorable was November 2013 when I was 9 months pregnant and busy packing my crate to ship to Toronto for the One of a Kind Show.  Obviously I wasn’t able to do that show myself, so I hired some wonderful folks to work the 11-day show for me.  A few hours after the truck picked up my crate, I went into labour!  So while my staff were in Toronto setting up my booth, I was at home in B.C. with a 7-day-old baby!  Of course that didn’t excuse me from work… I still had daily check-ins. The only year I have not done a show at Christmas time was in 2014… you can blame my kid for that one.

Over the course of the last 12 years of shows, I’ve had some crazy shit happen while I’ve been away.  There was the year my grandma was on her death bed while I was in Toronto (you may have seen me crying in my booth that year).  There was the year my father-in-law was diagnosed with cancer (you may have seen me cry in my booth that year too).  The year I had bronchitis (you may have seen my cough my lungs up that year)…. Or how about the year I was recovering from a broken rib and almost didn’t make it to the show at all?  OR last year when I pulled my back setting up my booth and I could barely move? (Thank god for neighbours with drugs!) I won’t even get into the chaos that happened earlier this year during the By Hand Show in January and the One of a Kind Show in March… Let’s just say it was terrifying, but I’m still alive.

So, I need a break.

If you’ve read this far, then I think you can understand my need for a year off of holiday shows!  And you can’t be too mad at me, because you can find every card you could possibly want right here!

PS- Did you know that you can comment on my posts?  I just realized the other day that I’ve only ever had spam comments.  Someone wanna pop my comment cherry and help me test this feature out?